Vers de nouveaux horizons

Chers digitaux promeneurs,

Je ferme aujourd’hui mon blog que j’ai laissé doucement s’éteindre après plusieurs mois de loyaux services.
La raison est simple: une trop faible activité pour qu’il reste un appui inconditionnel de ma présence sur le web.

Longtemps utilisé pour faire valoir une de mes pratiques du web social, son faible rendement actuel, me semble t il, ne joue pas forcément en ma faveur lors de nouvelles rencontres.

Délaisser ce blog est cependant une nouvelle prise pour gravir les échelons de la compréhension et de l’utilisation d’autres médias du web.

Et puis, après avoir passé mes deux dernières années à découvrir, pratiquer, veiller, écouter et communiquer sur le web,  j’ai l’impression d’avoir écumé la pratique de mon blog: initialement créé pour chercher un emploi.

@bientôt sur d’autres jardins originaux.

Retrouvez mon web sur

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What about being a green ambassador with Foursquare?

I have been using Foursquare since a couple of months and I am a huge fan of this social locator web app!

I am the mayor of 23 places located between Nantes, la Rochelle and Britanny. Here is one of my favorite badges.

This morning,  I brought with me old and dirty bootles of wine to throw them into the glass dumpster of my district.

When I arrived in front of it, I wondered why don’t I check in there? What about writing a tip about things to avoid and good things to do!

Back to home, I tried to find on the web some similar ideas . Nothing really relevant expect a North pole expedition which its GPS-location was based on foursquare.
Indeed, a special badge was created by foursquare: The Nothpole Badge

So, to empower green consciousness,  Foursquare sould create:
The more you locate eco and sustainable places, the more you earn green points and you unlock green badges.
In addition, the more you give and write eco tips, the more you earn green points.

Thanks to these green involvments,  people could be more than mayors; they could be social and  green embassadors!

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Neocombine asks for your old wetsuit

In 2002,  Sandrine Muller is back from a trip in Australia with lots of ideas in her backpack.
Huge fan of water sports and green advocate, she was wondering why almost surf brands were still using neoprene and old chemical blending process to create surfers second surfing skins?
As you might not know, Neoprene takes over 100 years to break down in the landfill!

So,  Sandrine has created Neocombine, a french NGO where you are more than welcome to come and give your old wetsuit!

Neocombine is not only a place where you “throw” with conscious! Neocombine has developed new ways to re-use your old fashioned wetsuit: craft and beach fashion jewels!
What a great idea!

Indeed, if you live in France, don’t forget that you can give a second life to your wetsuit. maybe one day, you will re wear it as a re-use wristband!
Finally, the day you will buy a new wetsuit, you should think:

  • What can I do with my old one?
  • Where can I give it to recycle or re-use it?
  • Is my new wetsuit made with eco materials or by local industries…

What would be mine? Patagonia. of course!

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French gardens are precious

White City

Originally uploaded by ëllä

A recent french study from IPSOS has reported that french people pay more and more attention to their natural environment.
93,5 % of French citizens consider gardens, trees and flowers being one of the most import link to get a well balanced way of life.

This lack of green areas is pointing out a real problem according to urban living. Indeed, we are facing, in one month, new elections (French region) and politics should have a focus on this study.

Companies should also paid attention to this lack of green spaces. 40 % of workers think that green would definitely help them to feel better at work!

IPSOS study

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Today, I am wondering what are the most relevant ways to expose people how our environment is changing.

Shooting and publishing photo is definitely one of them.

Maroc Décembre 2006

Maroc Décembre 2006

Actually, Photos give us  so many accurate information on how humans see and feel its:

  • Urban environment
  • Natural environment
  • Mineral environment
  • Social environment…

Did you observe before jumping form 2009 to 2010,  how  media, like Reuters or The Guardian, used pictures and slideshows to illustrate the story of the year?

Otherwise, we all know that technologies are more and more user friendly and people have access to powerful cameras and gears. People can publish easily their art and pictures stories on the web thanks to the grow of specific applications, like Flickr, Picasa…

Everyone can shoot, and expose the world what they see.

I am a huge fan of shooting, publishing and searching photos on the web and I can not deny that it is one of my favorite resource of blogging inspiration.

If you think that your photos rocks (I love this one) and you are looking for publishing, sharing and quality web app,  I advice you to check out a new french website called DarQroom!

Via techcrunch

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Bombardement Sonore

One of several tornadoes observed by the VORTE...
Image via Wikipedia

Few hours left before the birth of 2010. Time for me to write the last original post of the year.
To get inspiration, I asked my brother (who is a professional DJ) to compose a piece of music which he called ” bombardement sonore”.

(If you like his music, be a fan of him on facebook and follow him on twitter)

Well, when I listened to it for the first time, I had the same felling that being alone in a forest, or in front of a huge breaking shore break! Nature is so powerful!

Well, it also makes me think that for almost 50 years we have succeeded in changing Nature against its will,  but the day that we will have to face nature riots, obviously, human won’t be able to change anything!

2009 shows us that politics are still not ready to change, but I think people are.
Communities are building  networks to show how we are destroying our futur.
Communitites are creating platefroms to learn and teach how to live greener and more conscious of social matters.

2010 will be the year of people, communities and life changes.

Tool: the web!

Spread the word that people are ready to hold the flag, to face their responsabilities.
Politics listen the noise of our outdoors:  they ask for action NOW, not for politricks…

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Jet-lagged Vegetables from Flickr

I am a huge fan of Flickr.  I love discovering what people can publish on it.
One of my favorite photostream is Make Studio | Marty Coleman’s photostream .

Today, I payed attention to one of his last publication.
His picture deals with vegetable and shipping.
I love the way he explains how transport and fresh vegetables can not be compatible with ecology.

Also, I advice you to read the caption of the picture.  Really interesting explanation!
Love the last paragraph.

Related Links: Bootstrap Farm

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COP15 on the web: which web resources am I using?

United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009
Image via Wikipedia

What are my favorite web resources I use to follow United Nations Climate Change Conferences in Copenhagen?
Actually, I am using 2 resources :

  • the dedicated twitter and the associated twitter search on #COP15 .
  • TckTckTck, a consortium of 188 faith groups (NGO, citizens and public learders).  The site also features coverage of the conference in live streaming video.

I have also been using sometime others resources like the facebook fan page and of course, the official web site.

Otherwise, before  conferences strated,  I decided to follow  elyseecop15 which is Nicolas Sarkozy’s twitter account for cop15. Humm, nothing has been published on it.  Fake or real? (sorry folks it is in french).

Looking forward to reading, watching and listening to results.

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Ocean thoughts in the Morning

This morning, I strated my day at work with a fantastic vid from transparentsea. That’s the way I like to start a day.
You are at work, it a new week. You switch on your laptop.  Twitter is “on air”. My twitter surf list works good. I check the twitter of Dave Rastovich; one of my favorite surfer. @daverastovich



Check the video out.


End of Kitchen Garden


Tomates grasses
Originally uploaded by theoriginalgardener

October was extraordinary warm and sunny. Tomatoes were red and delicious. November has come with its cloudy and rainy weather. My work in my kitchen garden is now ended.

The picture I chose to illustrate this “week end post”, shows you my last tomatoes.

They were under the sun for at least 2 months.  Today, the autumn sun doesn’t warm them anymore.

Life in the garden became  “slow”. I just give it a rest.