London “à Bicyclette”

Bike stencil on Portland, Oregon's bike routes.
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Last week, I spent 5 days in  London. I was so surprised to see so many bikes on the streets.
When I used to live there, two years ago, riding a bike in London was considered as really dangerous.

Definitively, London urban transport model is showing signs of evolution. More than a trend, cycling in London shows that traditional models need to be changed, or at least, thought differently.
Indeed, bike sharing programs will be live next summer in Central london.
6,000 bicycles for hire in Central London and 400 docking stations offering over 10,000 docking points.
Also, lots of ways of cycling are growing in one similar goal: give back the town a frendlier, healthier and greener identity. eg londoncyclechic

In the following, we can expect that cycling communities will be back into global discussions as a major actor of urban mobility. Cause, move beyond the urban car paradigm is a necessity!
Did you know that worldwide, the bicycle is probably the most common commuter vehicle, and the second most common form of commuting after walking.

I’m particularly interested in all this at the moment as a new rider in my french town, Nantes. Be a rider in this town is really easy and it has become time to upgrade my beloved but cranky old french bike. I am waiting for my Sunn which is still under construction at my shop called trajectoires.
Moreover, I am going to give back a new life story to my old bike. I want to change it into a soft urban cruiser.  I ll published pics later on my flickr.

For the fun,  Yves Montand:

Quand on partait de bon matin,
Quand on partait sur les chemins,
A bicyclette!

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