Neocombine asks for your old wetsuit

In 2002,  Sandrine Muller is back from a trip in Australia with lots of ideas in her backpack.
Huge fan of water sports and green advocate, she was wondering why almost surf brands were still using neoprene and old chemical blending process to create surfers second surfing skins?
As you might not know, Neoprene takes over 100 years to break down in the landfill!

So,  Sandrine has created Neocombine, a french NGO where you are more than welcome to come and give your old wetsuit!

Neocombine is not only a place where you “throw” with conscious! Neocombine has developed new ways to re-use your old fashioned wetsuit: craft and beach fashion jewels!
What a great idea!

Indeed, if you live in France, don’t forget that you can give a second life to your wetsuit. maybe one day, you will re wear it as a re-use wristband!
Finally, the day you will buy a new wetsuit, you should think:

  • What can I do with my old one?
  • Where can I give it to recycle or re-use it?
  • Is my new wetsuit made with eco materials or by local industries…

What would be mine? Patagonia. of course!

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2 thoughts on “Neocombine asks for your old wetsuit

  1. […] Neocombine has developed new ways to re-use your old fashioned wetsuit: craft and beach fashion jewe… […]

  2. Muller says:

    thanks and just few words,

    Be ready to start sping time by getting ridd off your old leaky, cracked piles of neoprene, molding away at the back of your garage! Take your old wetsuit to one of the shops supporting the recycle cause of Neocombine, We will continue to collect your old wetsuits and create marvels by recyclin them.
    Allready, enigma shop which opening in Bordeaux asks for label to put on hats .
    By giving your old wetsuit to Neocombine, you keep them away from discharge and enable craft people to create and reuse them.
    There are too many garbage in this world and so little proper treatment to keep people safe .
    cheer enjoy riding

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