What about being a green ambassador with Foursquare?

I have been using Foursquare since a couple of months and I am a huge fan of this social locator web app!

I am the mayor of 23 places located between Nantes, la Rochelle and Britanny. Here is one of my favorite badges.

This morning,  I brought with me old and dirty bootles of wine to throw them into the glass dumpster of my district.

When I arrived in front of it, I wondered why don’t I check in there? What about writing a tip about things to avoid and good things to do!

Back to home, I tried to find on the web some similar ideas . Nothing really relevant expect a North pole expedition which its GPS-location was based on foursquare.
Indeed, a special badge was created by foursquare: The Nothpole Badge

So, to empower green consciousness,  Foursquare sould create:
The more you locate eco and sustainable places, the more you earn green points and you unlock green badges.
In addition, the more you give and write eco tips, the more you earn green points.

Thanks to these green involvments,  people could be more than mayors; they could be social and  green embassadors!

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