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Today, I am wondering what are the most relevant ways to expose people how our environment is changing.

Shooting and publishing photo is definitely one of them.

Maroc Décembre 2006

Maroc Décembre 2006

Actually, Photos give us  so many accurate information on how humans see and feel its:

  • Urban environment
  • Natural environment
  • Mineral environment
  • Social environment…

Did you observe before jumping form 2009 to 2010,  how  media, like Reuters or The Guardian, used pictures and slideshows to illustrate the story of the year?

Otherwise, we all know that technologies are more and more user friendly and people have access to powerful cameras and gears. People can publish easily their art and pictures stories on the web thanks to the grow of specific applications, like Flickr, Picasa…

Everyone can shoot, and expose the world what they see.

I am a huge fan of shooting, publishing and searching photos on the web and I can not deny that it is one of my favorite resource of blogging inspiration.

If you think that your photos rocks (I love this one) and you are looking for publishing, sharing and quality web app,  I advice you to check out a new french website called DarQroom!

Via techcrunch

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