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COP15 on the web: which web resources am I using?

United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009
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What are my favorite web resources I use to follow United Nations Climate Change Conferences in Copenhagen?
Actually, I am using 2 resources :

  • the dedicated twitter and the associated twitter search on #COP15 .
  • TckTckTck, a consortium of 188 faith groups (NGO, citizens and public learders).  The site also features coverage of the conference in live streaming video.

I have also been using sometime others resources like the facebook fan page and of course, the official web site.

Otherwise, before  conferences strated,  I decided to follow  elyseecop15 which is Nicolas Sarkozy’s twitter account for cop15. Humm, nothing has been published on it.  Fake or real? (sorry folks it is in french).

Looking forward to reading, watching and listening to results.

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